Friday, March 27, 2009

Quote of the Morning

For me anyway. From Freeman Dyson on the global warming debate:
Beyond the specific points of factual dispute, Dyson has said that it all boils down to “a deeper disagreement about values” between those who think “nature knows best” and that “any gross human disruption of the natural environment is evil,” and “humanists,” like himself, who contend that protecting the existing biosphere is not as important as fighting more repugnant evils like war, poverty and unemployment.
It's from this piece in the NYT weekend section (why do they release it on Friday?) about one of the world's most prominent physicists, a liberal, who is a global warming skeptic.

No matter what your views are on global warming, and I happen to think something is going on, this piece is good biography, and a nice and fair review of the politics, science and morality behind this public debate.

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  1. I tend to think that we are at the teenage point as a race. We need to create problems via our shelfish and thoughtless ways -- then work like crasy to fix them. Will we mature to adulthood? Who knows. But, we will continue to work to find a way -- problem solving and discovering our own limitations as we go.