Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Hate Conservatives and Liberals This Morning

Despite great news on the home front - Fundbaby is sleeping in his crib, in his room, for fairly decent stretches - I cannot believe the hypocrisy of the right and the audacity of the left this morning.

Victor Davis Hanson, a cheerleader for the Iraq debacle during the Bush years, tells us here that we need a "Socrates" in Washington to tell us the truth about the impact that our government's spending is going to have our on financial futures. Problem is, his facts and logic are all screwed up. Note this quote:
During the Clinton years, we got higher taxes but eventually balanced budgets. During the Bush administration, we got lower taxes but spiraling deficits. But now during the era of Obama, we apparently will get the worst of both worlds - higher taxes than under Clinton and higher deficits than under Bush.
Vic, can I call you Vic? Vic my boy the key for the Clinton and Bush stories are simple. With Clinton you did get some higher taxes initially, but you also got spending curtailed by sleaziest divorcee in America - Newt Gingrich - who's GOP buddies blocked a bunch of Clinton programs. With Bush half of the reason we had spiraling deficits was this stupid Iraq War you love so much. By the way, all those "tax cuts" aren't real because we have to pay for them down the road without corresponding spending cuts. Bush, who never had a mortgage in his life, didn't understand that basic concept.

At least Obama's being honest about his deficits, although as I've noted here on a regularly basis, trillions are big numbers...........really big numbers. Which brings us to how the Democrats plan on paying for all this red ink.

Turns out the payment will come in the form of higher taxes. I'm shocked. What possible evidence do we have to suggest Democrats like raising taxes? Well this morning the Left is showing it's true colors - finally. EJ Dionne has stopped the charade and along with Alice Rivlin is simply asking that more people pay more taxes. The "rich" will now be the top 8% (note she doesn't give the income numbers of where that ax will fall). But my favorite part is the way Alice avoids the phrase "tax increase." Check out this quote, it's friggin New Speak:
Congress could increase funding for health-care reform by including part of employer-paid health benefits in taxable income. It could put the Social Security system on a sustainable long-term basis by making minor tweaks to benefits and revenue to take effect a decade or more hence.
"Tweaks", "including part of employer paid benefits in taxable income," and "to take effect a decade or more hence." Translation - "cut benefits and raise taxes," "raise taxes and discourage employers from providing benefits," "put off the impact of the taxes until a new (probably Republican) administration has to deal with them."

By the way, why is that all of the folks who want to fight wars are too old to be drafted and NEVER SERVED A SINGLE DAY IN THE MILITARY like Victor Davis Hanson? And why is it all the folks who want to raise taxes are rich elite talking head types like Alice Rivlin who serves on the Board of New York Stock Exchange or EJ Dionne who lives in snobbish Bethesda, Maryland and went to Harvard and Oxford? Just wondering?

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  1. And you should hate them both. They are, sadly, only labels -- and much like most labels, they rarely tell you much about the product. New and imporoved seldom is, in fact, new or improved. In America today, labels are far more important than substance -- or even fundamental beliefs.