Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'll Take a Beer and a Shot

So as long as we're all pissed about hypocrisy, I give you this little gem and this other little gem.

If this blogging gets any easier I may have one of my cats do it.

Have yourself a wonderful night seething in continued anger at the bullshit theater that continues in DC.

1 comment:

  1. All the while CNN is oh-so-responsibly airing an actual death recommendation from some loony toon caller who suggests that we punish the people getting these bonuses with a friggin firing squad like they did in China to the people that spiked the milk with poison. This all seriously disheartens me....outrage to the point of wishing DEATH upon the people recieving these bonuses AND THEIR FAMILIES and yet hardly anyone makes a peep when the Fan and Freds of the world recieve bonuses or when members of government vote themselves obscene pay raises and other perks for their jobs well done. I just don't understand how we've come to this point so quickly. I'll also take a beer and a couple of shots....and maybe a few pills to chase it all down.