Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Headache Inducing

The Czarina, as some of you know, is a philosopher. So I'd like to ask her what type of philosophical term is associated with the following stupid action:

1) You're in the middle of a major economic crisis that appears to have been caused, at least partially, by banks and government giving lots of credit to people who should not have had access to said credit.

2) You now propose a new plan to give those same unqualified people another 200 billion dollars (200,000,000,000) in credit for things like cars, boats, credit cards, monster trucks, and new RV's as a solution to the current problem.

I'm not sure what the philosophical term is, but I believe the plain old English phrase is Zimbabwenomics. Or maybe "are you fucking kidding me?"


  1. I think the philosophical term you're looking for is actually "dumbass."

    I checked it on the OED to see if I could get the history of the term, and this is what found: For "dumb": Foolish, stupid, ignorant (chiefly of persons); spec. dumb blonde, a conspicuously attractive but stupid blonde woman; dumb bunny, a stupid person; dumb Dora, a stupid girl; dumb ox, a stupid, awkward, or uncommunicative man (cf. sense 1b above); spec. a nickname for St. Thomas Aquinas. colloq.

    So there's hope for Obama, because the term appears to originate with Aquinas and that's not bad company.

  2. I bet you are the first person ever to compare Obama to Aquinas. Congrats