Thursday, March 12, 2009

Karl, How Do You Sleep at Night?

And frankly how does anyone who works in politics? Take a look at this completely disingenuous column in today's Journal from Karl Rove on how Obama is being deceptive in his projected budget spending.

Here's an example of the hypocrisy from KR:
Mr. Obama's budget downplays some programs' true cost. For example, his vaunted new college access program is funded for five years and then disappears (on paper); the children's health insurance program drops (on paper) from $12.4 billion in 2013 to $700 million the next year. Neither will happen; the costs of both will be much higher and so will the deficits.
Since when has anyone from the Bush White House given a damn about deficits? Deficits were like water boarding for you guys - necessary and certainly legal.

Well it certainly takes one to know one buddy, because my favorite hobbyhorse from the W years, the drug benefit for Medicare millionaires, was sold to the Congress BY THE BUSH WHITE HOUSE as being half as expensive as it turned out to really be.

I know this stuff sells print space for the Wall Street Journal and airtime for Fox, but Karl, dude, do you really believe it?

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