Friday, March 13, 2009

Exactly What IS the Daily Show

I'll admit I don't watch anymore primarily because it is on too late now that Fundbaby has arrived. But when people talk about it, and most of these folks are my left-wing friends, they always talk about how Jon Stewart is ridiculing Republicans and Wall Street. And when I ask them if it's a news show, they laugh and say no.

But my understanding is that A LOT of kids actually treat it as a news show. That opinions are formed. That information is transmitted. And last night's "interview" with Jim Cramer, in which two FRIGGIN MEDIA FIGURES, both of whom are basically entertainers, produces headlines all over the web, I guess I wonder exactly what's news, what's not news, and what's the Daily Show? Anyone who watches it regularly, help me out here.

Strangely I think the Daily Show, like a lot of comedy/news/current affairs outlets faces a real problem with Obama. First off, Bush was just plain easier to make fun of. The guy's a dufus. But there are other obvious problems with Obama, like the race thing. I wonder how they'll do in terms of evening out the bias that others have found (see the above link) and subjecting him to the ridicule he should get as president.


  1. Be happy that your friends recognize that The Daily Show is not "news". Now take a poll of FOX News viewers and ask them if Hannity, O'Reilly, Geraldo, and Huckabee are "news" and "fair and balanced" and "no spin" and see what response you get...

  2. But if Stewart claims that 1) he's not biased and 2) he's not a journalist, then does he really act that way? He certainly did not with Kramer, so what gives? He can't have it both ways.

    My problem is with lack of full disclosure, a problem Fox News has never had.....I still have a hard time writing the phrase "Fox News" with a straight face.