Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain

165 million dollars is enough for myself, Mrs. Fundman, Fundbaby, and most of our neighbors on our block to retire on comfortably. We could probably throw in our immediate families and a few friends. It's a lot of money for any normal sane person.

It is, however, much smaller than 300 billion dollars. Why compare it to 300 billion? Because two stories down on the front page of the Post this morning is this article, which will not receive 1/1000th of the attention that the AIG crap is getting, in which a budget expert says that the Pentagon has wasted about 300 billion dollars with the way it chooses and pays for its weapons systems.

Where do all of these Members of Congress, who have been irresponsibly and blatantly wasting our money like it grows on trees, get off crucifying this mope WHO THEY FRIGGIN HIRED over a lousy 165 million when just down the hall there's another guy WHO THEY HIRED telling them they've wasted 300 billion?

If the Wizard of Oz had managed to deflect attention this well Dorothy might still be in Oz, Judy Garland wouldn't have gotten hooked on drugs, and we wouldn't have to suffer through Liza Minelli concerts.

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