Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beltway Blather About Stewie

Does Dana Milbank honestly think that Stew Parnell's "shaming" by Congress means a damn thing? Has living a long time in DC pickled his journalistic brain? Check out this bizarre quote:
But to deter others as brazen as Parnell, a searing public censure may be every bit as important as the criminal prosecution he probably will face. For once, lawmakers' grandstanding served a useful purpose.
WTF?????? Public censure = criminal prosecution? Stewie will "probably" face criminal charges? THE GUY IS ACCUSED OF BEING RESPONSIBLE, AT LEAST PARTIALLY, FOR KILLING 8 INNOCENT PEOPLE, and yet he writes in his column that we have to engage in "public censure" to make sure others don't follow his path.

Dana my boy, people like you and me may react to public censure because we have a sense of decency. We wouldn't knowingly endanger people's lives for profits. We are not socio-pathic scumbags like Stewie who don't care what other people think. That's why we have criminal codes and prisons dude.

No, no we do not have to censure him because it wouldn't do any good in his case. We need to simply send him to a maximum security prison for killing people. Full stop. I suspect for most people, morally good or morally bad, who have not been living inside the Beltway too long, the thought of being gang-raped in a shower while living in a tiny cell couped up with murders, drug dealers and violent offenders for many years is really quite sufficient to deter crimes. What exactly does a political show-trial accomplish?

Seriously, Dana, go easy on the gas huffing, it's starting to affect your judgment.

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