Monday, February 9, 2009

Enough Already, Legalize It

Maybe it's lack of sleep from Fundbaby and travel. Maybe it was the conference I attended over the weekend where, at one point, Milton Friedman, Milton Friedman the world renowned defender of capitalism, was attacked as being a statist. Maybe it was all the cough syrup I drank this morning, but I think it's time, seriously, we talked about drug legalization in this country.

This morning one of Mexico's top retired generals was kidnapped, tortured, and killed in Cancun, not Juarez or Tijuana, CAN-FRIGGIN-CUN where kids go on spring break. This is the latest in a massive war between Mexican drug cartels and the part of the Mexican government that is not completely corrupt. The war claimed 5,300 lives last year.

Then last week Michael Phelps got caught taking a bong hit. He was then crucified by morons in the media who probably couldn't swim a lap in a kiddie pool. If anything doesn't this show that the guy is an even more amazing athlete? Imagine how good he'd be if he wasn't doing bong hits?

Finally A-Rod tests positive for steroids in 2003, and will now apparently be shot on sight by some Yankee pundits if he even tries to arrive in spring training. A-Rod, by the way, is far and away the best player in baseball.

Barack Obama's life story includes drug use, which he freely admitted. Now the guy is president. Why, why in God's name, does he get a pass when A-Rod and Phelps get tried and convicted by the media? Why did thousands of people die all over the world in drug related violence when most elites probably smoked some pot or snorted some coke at their Ivy League frat houses? Why don't these same elites figure out the astronomical cost of keeping drugs illegal here and in Latin America?

Don't we have better things to worry about, spend money on, and get people killed for than drugs? Let's save some lives in Latin and South America, let some people live peacefully in private here in the US, and stop throwing people in jail for satisfying a demand that seems impossible to control.

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