Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michael Lewis has the Second Coolist Job

I have the first. I actually had never had heard of Michael Lewis until I went to visit my late Uncle Lou who had played minor league baseball, very well, in the St. Louis organization in the 1940's and 50's. He led the Pacific Coast League in hitting for the Padres and was called by Ted Williams as one of the best right handed hitters he'd ever seen.

Anyway, he loved baseball and he loved the A's, so every once in a while we'd go to A's games especially since he could go for free with his Old Timers Card. We'd get horrible seats, and then move down to the Lower Deck. He's smoke cigars (because you could in public places in California then) and explain the game to me. Fun times.

So one time I'm stopping by to visit him and my Aunt, and I see this book sitting on the kitchen table called Moneyball which I'd heard of from some of my economist baseball friends. He told me how cool this book was and I had to read it..............and Uncle Lou was right.

Now I love reading just about everything Michael Lewis has written. His first famous book was about his time as an investment banker in the 80's and was widely hailed as excellent - because it is. After that success he's decided to focus on the intersection of statistical analysis, sports, and finance.

So here's this guy who gets to write stuff about the end of Wall Street, baseball in Cuba, NFL Left Tackles, and now the NBA. And he gets paid.

But do I let him blog here? Nope. Still not the coolest job in the world.

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