Monday, January 12, 2009

By Request for the Czarina

My favorite hedge fund has done its typically powerful analysis of Congress' investigations into how, amazingly, a guy who served on SEC advisory boards and bragged about how he had regulators in his coat pocket could possibly have avoided SEC investigation while overseeing the biggest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history.

The chairman of the panel, Barney Frank, thinks that the staff of the SEC were not to blame for this. However he also doesn't want the government to be blamed for anything that went wrong with Fannie and Freddie. I do think that Brother Barney is onto something. I mean, it's time we moved beyond the question of who killed who. Investigations that pry into the motivations of the human soul are particularly awkward to the Congressman. Let's just start spending other people's money - shall we?

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  1. I have been following the very sad story of Alexandra Penney (the author of "How to Make Love to a Man" and a former editor of Self magazine) and how she lost everything to Madoff on The Daily Beast ( She refers to him "THAT M***ERF***ER"" - I think she should maybe have an instructive chat with Barney about culpability.