Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Class I Would Love to Take

From the New York Times of all places, this video on a guy in Virginia who teaches people (it's all guys in the video) how to hunt, field dress and cook deer. I can only imagine how the comments section of the Times is full of angry vegans bemoaning the glorification of tasty Bambi being sauteed to perfection.............(this is what I'm doing thinking of tasty venison).

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  1. Funny, this corresponds with your previous post on the urbane social scene in Washington, D.C. So many of us enjoy the fruits of the labors of others – the faster, higher quality and cheaper the better; yet, understanding the cost that goes into the production of those goodies is seldom considered. For a “fabulous” restaurant, food must be cleaned and prepared. For a “world-class” pharma industry, investment and reward must be built into the research model. And for good government, those who govern must be very closely watched and held accountable for their actions. We hope to assume that Bambi didn’t die so that we could have a great snack. And we’d hope to assume that our economy won’t collapse because we didn’t want to read an 1,800 Senate bill during Christmas week. Healthcare might suffer irreversibly, but I will have completed shopping for my “stocking-stuffers.” And Bambi might have died, but we made sure to regulate the way that he died.