Friday, November 6, 2009

Apparently, the Fox News War is Over

Remember when the President basically declared war on Fox News and tried to get the removed from the White House press pool?

Well apparently that was very twelve-minutes-ago because on Wednesday, one day after the off-year elections that had no broader implications for Democrats in which independent voters went fleeing to the GOP, David Axelrod, he who declared Fox non-news on October 18th, granted said agency this exclusive interview with Major Garrett.

Hell, the Argentine military did better in the Falklands than the administration did in that conflict. Talk about surrender. The next thing you know Anita Dunn will be interviewed by Glenn Beck with his insane collection of pictures, chalkboards and arrows pointing everywhere.

The internal polling at the White House must be fucking horrible among independents for them to cave this quickly. I generally don't put too much stock into off-years meaning a whole lot because one year is forever in politics, but the way the White House is acting they sure seem scared.

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  1. So we're using profanity now. Soon the White House will be adding you to the list of undesirables, Fundman.