Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome Dear Reader

A few months ago I was struck by the enormous scope of change that was occurring in the world around me politically, economically and socially, and more specifically in my family. I began to realize that despite my disgust with public therapy, most blogs, the media, and just about every politician and political commentary, that I needed to get some things off of my chest. Hence this forum.

Who I am is relatively unimportant because 1) it's highly likely no one will read this and 2) even if a few folks come here it's even more unlikely any of them will bring further attention to it. Therefore think of me as a guy sitting at a bar who you have never met who has some things he'd like to say about politics, economics, and public policy. I'm going to talk, and the bartender is paid to be here. I could be a crazy drunk, an interesting character you'd like to see once in a while, or someone you actually want to get to know. Your presence is purely optional and voluntary. Your interest in listening is going to depend on the amount of alcohol you've had, the relative sanity of my rants and how you judge the quality of the experience and compare that to other things you could be doing. I figure blog reading is pretty much the same thing. So if you want to sit down, have a shot and beer, and shoot the breeze, stop by. If not, good for you! Go out and do something constructive while I kill time.

In the spirit of full disclosure I work for a non-profit in the Midwest. I'm a recovering academic (it's an interesting 12 step program - step one is wanting a decent salary, but step two involves getting used to actually going to an office everyday from 8-5) with a background in political economy. I'm happily married with a newborn son.

If you guessed I don't like either political party from the title - you get a cookie.

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