Monday, December 14, 2009

Representative Government Update

This poll from CNN, not Fox, shows that around 60% of Americans now oppose the Senate health care bill. The key passage from the article:
According to the poll, a very large majority of Americans think that the health care bill that the U.S. Senate is considering would raise the federal deficit and raise their taxes, and while they think that the bill would help many families, only one in five think they would benefit personally if the bill becomes law.

"As a result, more than six in 10 say they oppose the Senate health care bill," Holland said. "Republicans obviously don't like the bill, but two-thirds of independents also say they are against it."
Hat tip to the Opinion Journal's Best of the Web.


Stumbled across this news bit from the Washington Post about the fourth Democratic House Member in a "swing district" who will retiring this year - coincidentally. Of course even if there's a seismic shift in the elections next year, we'll simply get more of the same from the other group of thieves.


  1. I disagree with your point about getting "more of the same from the other group of thieves." Sure, in their heart of hearts most pols are slimy thieving little bastards. However I think that many voters are beginning to really embrace the fundamentals of conservativism. Republicans see this, and I think will fear it enough to significantly scale back their high rolling ways. And of course there is always the chance that some of your Libertarian buddies might actually make it into office...maybe even without having to run as a Republican!

    Mrs. Fundman

  2. Can you say "Government Overlords?"